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When you come to Tokyo, you will probably want to pay a visit to the Tsukiji Market, the go-to place for fresh fish sushi and other delicious restaurants.the Outer Market has recently opened its doors to the public.


Go on an Eating Tour at the Tsukiji Outer Market

When you come to Tokyo, you will probably want to pay a visit to the Tsukiji Market, the go-to place for fresh fish sushi and other delicious restaurants.

Unlike the Inner Market, which is reserved for professionals that participate in the fish auction, the Outer Market has recently opened its doors to the public.

Great! Let’s get going then!

Hold on! There are sooo many shops and sooo many foods to chose from, it can be a bit overwhelming …

Well, not to worry! I am going to guide you through, so you will know just where to go and what to eat!

The Outer Market is filled with visitors!


Just walk through the street and you will be served lots of free samples.



First, you will find Tsukugon, a restaurant with 140 years of tradition, just by the entrance.


Tsukugon specializes in Satsumaage (deep fried minced fish cake). You have lots to choose from.


They are so easy to carry around. The perfect snack for an eating tour!

I ordered the popular menu, Cheese Kamaboko Bacon Maki (boiled fish cake with cheese, wrapped in bacon) for \210!


The skewer makes it easy to hold.

The delicate fish flavor together with the slightly salty cheese and bacon create a perfect harmony!

Let’s keep walking!


Here is the second shop.

Tsukijiyamachou is famous for its Kushitama, or omelet on skewer. It has made many appearances on television!


I definitely recommend this. Not only is it tasty, but also very easy to hold and eat while walking. The thick omelet on the skewer comes with a tray!

It’s only \100!

You can choose your omelet from savory and sweet, hot and cold.

From the window, you can see the chefs preparing it too


I chose the salty kind, together with some grated daikon radish.


For real Tsukiji style omelet, this is definitely the best place.

You can also buy a pack to take home. They have interesting flavors like Shirasu (dried young sardine) or Unagi-maki (wrapped in eel).

Let’s continue with the tour.

Don’t miss out on the butcher, Yoshizawa Shoten.


They have an excellent selection of marbled Japanese Wagyu beef. But the real specialty is the Menchikatsu, or minced meat cutlet!!

I got the freshly made, high quality Matsuzaka beef Menchikatsu.


As I bite in the crunchy crust, the meat juice bursts into my mouth. I like how it’s not too greasy.



The normal Menchikatsu is \120 and Matsuzaka beef Menchikatsu is \350 apiece.

I definitely recommend the Matsuzaka beef one.

Next to Yoshizawa Shoten, you will find Saiwaiken, the famous shao-mai (steamed pork dumpling) restaurant.


The recommended style to eat their dumplings is to season it with Worcester sauce.

The super jumbo shao-mai has maintained its long established taste. It’s meaty, has a sweet onion flavor and is over all mild. \150 apiece!

I bought a pack to take home


As you can see, Tsukiji is so much more than just sushi!

However, if you want something that really embodies “Tsukiji”…

Tsukiji Saito Suisan is the place!

You can taste fresh raw oyster at a reasonable price, starting from \300.


This day, the super big size rock oyster was for \1500!

It is pricy, but worth it if you like oyster.

Even in Tsukiji, there are only two places where you can have fresh oyster on the spot, Saito Suisan being one of them.

For souvenir, I recommend Shiokara (salted fish entrails). But they were already sold out when I got there. Make sure to start early if you’re coming to Tsukiji!

Next stop is, Tsukiji Unagi Shokudo Nisshin Taro.


All the skewers are \200 apiece.


This includes the eel skewer. Can you believe it? It’s a must-buy!

The fatty unagi eel is so soft and soooo delicious!!


This, with a glass of beer, is all I need.

Feel free to walk around the market with food in one hand and drink in the other!


The chilled beer is so good and is only \300!

If you want more food to go with beer, you definitely want to check out Hokkaido Bussan Kani-Club!


They will start preparing the food after you make your order.



I ordered the \500 Hotateyaki (grilled scallop) with crab miso filling, and three pieces of cooked oysters for \500.

The umami flavor of the Hotateyaki and the crab miso make a great combo!




The piping hot oyster is nice and firm! I smell the ocean


I couldn’t list them all, but Tsukiji is filled with delicious shops and restaurants.

Just remember to start early; most shops close at around 13:00, so you want to come at 6:00 ~ 10:00 for the full Tsukiji experience.

If you’re not a morning person or have trouble with jetlag, you can go to the shops mentioned in this article! You will probably be fine if you arrive at around 12:00.

If you come to Tokyo, I highly recommend you go on an eating tour in Tsukiji! It will be an unforgettable experience.




4-10-16, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
1 minutes walk from “Tsukiji” station
around 6:00~15:00
No Holidays