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Ryogoku Kokugikan

For a sneak peak into the world of Japan’s national sport, sumo, Ryogoku Kokugikan is the place to go. Also known as Ryogoku Sumo Hall, it is an indoor sport…



Kabuki-za is a theater in which you can enjoy the traditional art of kabuki right in the middle of Tokyo. The building, originally built in 1889, was recentl…


Tsukishima Monja Street

Tsukishima area of Tokyo, is the single most famous place for monja. Nishi Naka-dori shopping street is even referred to as the “Monja Street”, and attracts …


Meiji Jingu Shrine

Built in the ninth year of Taisho period (1920), Meiji Jingu Shrine is recently a popular place where people visit to absorb the mystical energy, the shrine …


Ghibli Museum Mitaka

This museum is very popular among the Japanese people, which is no surprise as it goes without saying that Ghibli films and its exceptional worldviews are ad…


Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, as known as Shinjuku Tocho , is not only one of Tokyo’s major landmark buildings, but also one of the most prominent …



When you come to Tokyo, you will probably want to pay a visit to the Tsukiji Market, the go-to place for fresh fish sushi and other delicious restaurants.the…


The National Art Center, Tokyo

The exhibition space at The National Art Center is known to be one of the largest in Japan, housing a number of exhibitions varying in genre. It is one of th…


Tokyo Imperial Palace

The Tokyo Imperial Palace is located where the Edo Castle, which served as the headquarters of the Tokugawa shogunate, had once existed. in 1869, the Emperor…


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a landmark tower of Tokyo and the observatory deck with a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the city is popular among tourists, both from inside a…


Shinjuku Golden Gai

The “Golden Gai” in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Kabuki-cho is certainly an area with a distinctly peculiar atmosphere and architecture reminiscent of the past. Such nos…


Too Cute♡ Owl Cafe in Akihabara

Cute owls are welcoming you to Japan! Akiba Fukuro is a owl cafe where you can watch and touch 12 different adorable owls with a cup of drink♡ Be healed by t…


Harajuku and Takeshita Street

Harajuku draws in a number of young Japanese girls and Takeshita Street is considered to be its core street.It is a 400-meter street connecting Harajuku stat…


Edo Tokyo Museum

Hearing the word “museum”, what sort of image comes to your mind? Important documents tucked away in a glass case? Or a “chamber of knowledge” that has come …


TOKYO SKYTREE & Tokyo Solamachi

Located in Oshiage, Tokyo Solamachi is an area of “Shitamachi Jyocho”, a commonly used phrase in Japan indicating the friendly atmosphere of the traditional …