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SKⅡ for all ladies♡ It is a Japanese brand produced by P&G Japan. Celebrities and models use SKⅡ regularly to keep their skin clear and elastic. SKⅡ series are not cheap, but affordable price for ladies who put weight on beauty treatment. And you will definitely feel the difference.


This is Japanese Quality.

SKⅡ is a series of skin care cosmetics such as facial cleanser, moisturizer, cream, eye care cream, and sunscreen.

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Let me introduce the hottest products of SKⅡ♡


Facial Treatment Essence ¥8,500+tax (2015.Sep)
The firm masterpiece of the brand. Facial Treatment Essence is loved over 30 years since this brand was produced.
The 90% of this facial moisturizer is consist of "PITERA", natural special yeast. It contains great quality of natural protein, vitamin, amino acid, minerals, and organic acid.
You will notice the difference, to the clearer skin.


Stem Power ¥10,000+tax (2015.Sep)
Stem power has been win cosmetic award since its start of sale.
It simultaneously provide you the natural elastic and moisturized skin♡


Facial Treatment Clear Lotion ¥6,500+tax (2015.Sep)
A great supporting actor to make the most of PITERA.
This clear lotion wipe stains, oils, and old horny off to make you skin smooth.
This lotion gives plenty of moist into your skin to make the osmotic action smooth.


Cellumination Aura Essense ¥22,000+tax (2015.Sep)
To the further whitening.This product was awarded various whitening essence.
It prevent spots and freckles and also make your skin brighter from inside.

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SKⅡ is produced by P&G, the largest global grocery company.
However, SKⅡ was invented in Japan, to match perfectly with Asian skins.
People, especially from China, Korea, Taiwan people love to use SKⅡ in Japan, because of its quality, cheaper prices, and made in Japan security.

GINZA MITSUKOSHI,4-6-16, Ginza, Chu-oku, Tokyo
2 minutes walk from Ginza Station, A7 exit


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