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SABON is a bath and body products shops originally from Israel. They create unparalleled range of soaps, body lotions, bath salts, and other luxurious products based on the finest natural ingredients. There are 11 SABON stores in Tokyo.


Girls ♡ SABON


Hello girls! How are you today?
This article introduce SABON Japan, which is now the girl's hottest bath products in Japan.
As you may know, SABON is originally from Israel, and has stores around the world.
But they are limited to Israel, the US,France, Spain, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Romania, the Netherlands,the UK and Japan.
So, if you are traveling from other countries, it's a great change to get SABON♡
Especially, Japan has quite a lots of stores!

What is the Secret of SABON's Popularity?


There are a lot of reason why SABON got girl's ♡s from all over the world.
Love the sweet packaging, love the colors, love the smell, love the interior of shops, love the looking like candies♡
Every time I visit SABON, the fragrance of soup and the looking of candy makes me confused!haha

What do they have and How much?


Body scrubs are their must-buy items. ¥3400~(2015.Sep)
They used salt of the Dead Sea as the base, and mixed with natural nutritions such as almond, jojoba sad, and borage to bring your skin silky and moisturized.
Massaging with SABON's body scrub♡ oh, what a treat.


SABON has 6 diffrent perfumes (¥5000 each).
SABON carefully selected these 6 types of fragrance for fans of SABON around the world.

sabon 10

Bath salt of SABON is also a popular as a birthday present for girls!
You can try all sorts of bath salt at the shop and stuff at the shop tells you how to use, how you feel and what kind of effect you want.
It makes your skin much smooth and moist♡

sabon 8

SABON also has baby goods. It will be a wonderful gift for baby shower!

sabon 4

SABON = cute solid soaps!
Solid soaps are the origin of SABON, and it is 100% hand made.
All solid soaps at the counter are cut and sold by grams, so that you can enjoy each different shapes, effect, and fragrance of original soaps!

Where Are SABON Stores in Tokyo?


SABON holds 11 stores in Kanto area.
The basic information below is about Store at Ginza Matsuya street.
Please find the closest shop from the list below♡

Omotesando, Roppongi hills, Jiyu-gaoka, Shinjuku LUMINE, Yokohama LUMINE, Ikebukuro LUMINE, Ginza Matsuya street, Yurakucho LUMINE, Shibuya Hikarie, Kirarina Kichijoji, Machida Lumine

Thank you for reading♡

3-7-14, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes walk from Ginza Station, A7 exit
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