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Okashi no Machioka

Welcome to Real candy house of Japan! Okashi no Machioka is a famous sweets shop that has stores all around Japan. They have newest series of candies, snacks, chocolates to traditional Japanese snacks for kids(Dagashi) at the cheapest prices!♡


Real Candy House?! What is Machioka?


Hi! What are you planning to buy for your family and friends?
Definitely, Japanese sweets and snacks are the recommended items for souvenir!
They are cheap, light, and so delicious!
I cannot think of any other items better than Japanese snacks!


So, here you are.
"Okashi no Machioka", "Snack shop Machioka" in English, locates everywhere in Japan.
Most likely, a lot of Machioka is in a shopping street or close to the station.
It's the size of a convenience store, but full of Japanese sweets and snacks.


What made Machioka so Popular?

Machioka is widely popular in Japan because they offer at the cheapest prices that you can find.
Most of them are about 30% off, or sometimes you can find about half of the price compared to convenience stores!
Machioka stocks up a bunch of snacks at the same time, piles up with cardboard, and have minimum staffs to cut the cost as possible.

In addition, they have 1000 kinds of snacks, chocolates, candies, and chewing gums which are popular on that season.


Must Buy Items♡


You may already know "KitKat Matcha".
Machioka have a variety of Matcha snacks too.


Pocky! The long seller snacks which is popular in overseas!
There are different kinds of Pocky now, taste and find your favorite♡


Machioka has not only "new" snacks, but also very traditional Japanese snacks that are loved over 50, or 100 years!
We call it "Dagashi", old style snacks.
Their prices are only ¥10 to ¥100, but yummy! It won't cost much even if you fill full of a basket!
I recommend you to try some "Dagashi" while you are in Japan and bring some home!

Japanese snacks are so popular around the world.
You might find some at asian grocery shop, but surely Machioka is much much cheaper and has good stuff!♡
Okashi no Machioka has shops all over Japan, and there are over 50 of them only in Tokyo!
Let's step into candy house of Japan!

Okashi no Machioka(Shinjuku West Shop)
1-12-1, Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Shibuya Station
Souvenir, Other


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