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The Top brand that "Girls what HIM to wear" ♡ BEAMS is a Japanese clothing brand and a major select shop, established in 1976 in Harajuku. It is widely popular in Japan, and also they have 12 stores in overseas.


The Representative Japanese Select Shop BEAMS♡

beams logo


Hi! This report is going to introduce you what is BEAMS and their high-fashioned coordinate examples.
BEAMS is a Japanese clothing brand and major select shop, established in 1976 in Harajuku.

Beams carry products such as interior goods, furniture, galleries, clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You can get high-fashioned clothe and goods you need in your everyday life all at BEAMS!

beams shop


Most of their shops wide floor and well designed inside. It made me confused with shopping in France!haha
Besides, staffs at BEAMS have extraordinary knowledge and passion on fashion, and have great services.

Widely Popular in Japan, and also Overseas too♡

beams 雑誌


Clothes and items of BEAMS are on magazines, literally "every month".
BEAMS is especially popular among youth, aged 20-25, both women and men.
Their taste is based on "Street&American Casual".
The design is basic and simple, but some of them has exciting, characteristic taste as well.



There are over 140 stores in Japan, and the number is still growing.
Besides stores in many places in Japan, they have 12 stores in New York, Milan, London, and Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai too.
As I said earlier, BEAMS is becoming a world-wide brand in these days.

Casual, but very Lady-Like♡ Girls are in Love with BEAMS



Japanese girls tend to wear frills, flowers and sweet colors.
But as they get older, especially between 18-25, a lot of girls prefer, lady-like, basic, simple color.
And that's definitely the fashion of BEAMS♡
In addition, a lot of famous models and actress wear BEAMS in private and put on Instagram and Twitter, girls look for the same clothes and items at BEAMS.



As you realized, Japanese fashion varies so widely.
Speaking of Harajuku, girls in Takeshita street(famous shopping street in Harajuku) and girls in Omotesando street(main broad street), girls in Ura-harajuku(side street of Harajuku) dress so differently!
It's crazy but very a charm point of Japanese fashion culture, don't you think?
People wears BEAMS is classified to be in Omotesando street, I reckon.



Her coordinate, black bow, skirt, black sweater, necklace, and shoes are all from BEAMS.
If you prefer her fashion, there is no choice, but shop at BEAMS♡

The Best Clothes that Girls want "HIM" to Wear♡



Jacket ¥19980
Actually, there is a survey, asking Japanese girls "What do you want your boy friend to wear in private occasion".
And top answer was BEAMS(40.2%)haha! By the way, the SHIPS came to the top as clothes at work.



Yea, wearing BEAMS makes him 120% nicer♡haha
Their price are considered to be affordable but high-priced for young people.
Jackets are about ¥15,000-¥25,000, shirt are between ¥6,000~8,000.
But it really depends on the items.

I Love Accessories at BEAMS♡

beams ピアス



My favorite items at BEAMS are their pierced earrings.
There are simple and sophisticated earrings such as pearl and stones, but there are also items that make you smile:D♡
I have fried potato shaped earrings (actually looks like fried potato at Mc Donald's), and red lip shaped earrings too!
Conversation with friends start with "Oh! I love your earrings, where did you get it?"
That's why I love BEAMS♡

I hope I could reach your heart and make you want to shop at BEAMS:)
It's not cheap as UNIQLO or GU, but definitely high quality and up-to-date clothe are waiting for you♡

Thank you for reading as always!

B2F LUMINE EST Shinjuku, 3-38-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Shinjuku Station
Mon-Fri 11:00~22:00/Weekends and National Holidays 10:30~22:00