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This vast facility houses a shopping mall and a food court, with a total of over 140 shops and restaurants. Many of the shops carry a wide selection of casual clothing, and a range of kids wear as well.


A number of family-oriented shops and restaurants


Located next to the Odaiba Seaside Park (お台場海浜公園) that looks over the bay, AQUA CiTY ODAIBA offers an amazing panoramic view of Odaiba.
This vast facility houses a shopping mall and a food court, with a total of over 140 shops and restaurants. Many of the shops carry a wide selection of casual clothing, and a range of kids wear as well. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from—Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more.
At the “Gotochi-men Matsuri”, or the “Local Ramen Festival” zone, you can enjoy different types of ramen from all over Japan.
Within the facility is a full-fledged cinema, Cinema Mediage, which houses as many as thirteen screens, and is great for families and couples.

“Urban Research Doors” —where you can find things ranging from matching parent-child clothing to a pot of bonsai





“Urban Research Doors” is a Japanese multi-brand store based on the concept of “Making life more comfortable”. The shop has a line of casual, comfortable clothes made largely from organic cotton, which is available in men’s, ladies’, as well as kids wear. You can even purchase parent-child matching clothes—with these matching clothes for your family, you can surely become the coolest family in town :)
One amazing thing to note is that, although the clothes are made from high-quality organic cotton, which are often found to be on the pricy side, the clothes here are actually quite reasonable.
They also sell mini-sized bonsai, or traditional Japanese potted dwarf tree, that are small enough to take back on the plane, which is very popular among tourists from abroad.

Who said Hello Kitty items are only for kids? Head to “sanrio vivitix”!



Even though 40 years have passed since its first appearance, Hello Kitty’s popularity is far from fading away, both in Japan and abroad. Although Hello Kitty is generally considered to be for kids, Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, has thought of the way so it no longer has to be. And that is the “sanrio vivitix” store! Here, you can find original Hello Kitty items specifically designed for adults as well as limited items that you will not be able to find anywhere else.
There are also a variety of canned snacks, in which Hello Kitty has collaborated with Tokyo’s most well known spots. So if you are a Hello Kitty fan or a sucker for all things kawaii, we highly recommend checking out this store!

Eyeglasses and sunglasses of finest quality that you can use for years to come—“Kaneko Optical” (金子眼鏡)



“Kaneko Optical” is a long-established optical shop that originated in Sabae city of Fukui Prefecture, which is one of the most famous optical manufacturing districts in the world. The store prides itself on its craftsmanship, in which each manufacturing process, from frame cutting to polishing, is conducted by a craftsman specializing in each of these processes. All are individually hand-made in a factory right here in Japan and the quality is outstanding. They also sell sunglasses along with eyeglasses.

“Lemson’s”—frozen yogurt and ice cream along with your favorite toppings


At “Lemson’s”, you can enjoy self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream along with your favorite toppings. There are 12 flavors and as many as 24 toppings to choose from. Since you’re in Japan, why don’t you create a Japanese-style frozen yogurt or ice cream with toppings like gyuhi, or Japanese traditional sweets made from soft mochi, and azuki?

Osaka “gyusho” ramen Makoto-ya


This ramen shop in the “Gotochi-men Matsuri”, or “Local Noodle Festival” zone, is one shop that is particularly worth noting.
“Gyusho”, which can literally be translated to “beef soy sauce”, is a soy sauce-based soup that is made with beef bone broth. The signature menu here in this shop is the “Odaiba limited gyusho ramen”, which is topped with the famous local cuisine in Osaka, “doteyaki”, or beef sinew stewed in miso and mirin. Along with the “doteyaki”, it also comes with roasted pork fillet, so you can rest assured that it is quite filling and no doubt satisfying! Just give it a try!

Shopping mall that you can enjoy no matter who you’re with

Whether you’re with you’re friends or with your family, there is a wide variety of stores to shop from and everyone can surely find a store to their liking. The scenery that can be seen from the windows of the facility is also amazing. Whether you want to shop till you drop or just take a look around, the Aqua City Odaiba is the place for you!

1-7-1, daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
1 min walk from Daiba station
No Holidays
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