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Apple Store Omotesando

Apple Store Omotesando is the most significant Apple Store in Japan. It is located Omotesando street, and has 230 devices connected to internet! Let's browse your new Apple♡


Remarkable Apple Store on Omotesando-Street



Who doesn't love Apple product? It is very popular to have fashionable to put iPhone in your pocket, and macbook in your bag in these days.
Apple product is very popular all around the world, and Japan is not a exception.
There are three Apple direct management store in Japan. They are in Ginza, Shibuya, and here in Omotesando.

Sophisiticated and Open Atmosphere♡

apple 表参道1


Apple Store Omotesando is just 1 minute walk from Omotesando station, Tokyo Metro line.
It is also located along famous Omotesando street, so I assume you won't miss it!
Apple Store Omotesando is the biggest store in Japan, and the glazed huge showroom became a trade mark of Omotesando.
I have heard that there is no Apple store in Korea, and because of depreciation of Japanese yen, it is cheaper to buy things in Japan, especially expensive electrical appliances.

apple 表参道2


There are 230 devices in first floor, already connected to internet.
You can touch, play, and enjoy the product of Apple freely!♡
When you walk down the stairs, there are apple accessories such as iPhone case, adapter, charger, PC case.
Also there is a training space to teach you how to handle new Apple technology!

apple 表参道3


Apple Store also have great staffs.
There are over 130 staffs in Omotesando, and they are able to cope with 11 different languages!
I understand, it needs courage to buy expensive things in overseas, but they will support your shopping!♡

What is Hot in Apple Store?



Well, Apple keep producing new products every season, but what is popular in Japanese Apple store is definitely, iPhone, Macbook, and Apple Watch today.



iPhone6 became on sale in December 2014, and still growing its number.
iPhone 6s will be on market in September 2015 and this "iPhone fever" will not end in near future!♡
You can purchase iPhone without SIM card, which means you can use it at home!
The price of iPhone6 are as follows...
16GB ¥86,800(+tax)
64GB ¥98,800(+tax)
128GB ¥110,800(+tax)



The latest model of Macbook Air
256GB PCIe Space on board flash storage ¥148,800 (+tax)
512GB PCIe Space on board flash storage ¥184,800 (+tax)
I love my Macbook Air♡
So light, so stylish, and so powerful to manage any operation!

i watch




Every Apple products are so elegant, stylish, practical, and most of all, they become your partner in private and business.
Why don't you visit Apple Store in Omotesando and browse your new computer partner?♡

Apple Store Omotesando
4-2-13, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1 minute walk from Omotesando Station(Tokyo Metro Line)
No Holiday
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