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Ameyoko is packed with people that come to buy food during New Years. While the food market is excellent, there is actually a lot more to Ameyoko than the food shops and stands.


The many sides of Ameyoko

What do you think of when you hear the word “Ueno”?
Maybe the famous zoo, or museum located in this district.
But, do you know about Ameyoko?


Ameyoko is packed with people that come to buy food during New Years.

While the food market is excellent, there is actually a lot more to Ameyoko than the food shops and stands.

Allow me to guide you through the artisanal and friendly neighborhood.

To get to Ameyoko, get off at Ueno station and take the Shinobazu exit. Once outside, cross the road. As you arrive at the restaurant Jyuraku, you will see the entrance to Ameyoko right on the side.

The restaurants at Ameyoko have tables facing the street, where you can enjoy alcoholic beverages and savory snacks like yakitori.



When I hear the cheerful voices of the customers, I’m always tempted to enter the shop!

As I go further, the fish and fruit markets are doing their best to catch the attention of the people walking by.

As I walk by one, a vendor calls out to me:
“Hey there Lady! Don’t miss out on this bargain!”

I was so busy being called in to the shops that I missed some good photo opportunities…



If you’re a skilled negotiator, you will enjoy seeing the prices drop and drop! I really enjoy the fun conversations with the friendly vendors too. This laidback and warm ambiance is why I like Ameyoko.

Fruit skewers to nibble as you stroll around!


There were chocolate and banana skewers as well ^^

This shop here specializes in xiaolongbao (soup dumplings).

The piping hot meat juice bursts out as I bite in the dumpling. It’s so delicious!


Here is a street stall that serves sashimi rice bowls.


It was filled with satisfied looking customers.


Ameyoko is also the hub of super reasonable shoes and clothing!


Leave the main street and walk through the alleys that are also filled with all sorts of shops!


You just might be surprised with what you can find.



There are also cute outfits for children!


Such adorable dresses!


The children can play with the toys in the shop while the moms do the shopping!

There is even an arcade in Ameyoko.


Here is an interesting UFO catcher.


Sushi key holders!
There is also a yakitori one next to it. I saw a young couple trying it.

I left the arcade and walked till I arrived at a sweets shop, Nikinohashi.


Here, you can purchase all sorts of snacks and candies at a reasonable price! It’s a great place to get souvenirs.


When you feel like you want to have a little snack, stop by Oyama Butcher.


Their minced meat cutlet is extremely tasty, especially when it’s fresh!
You can walk around the streets with the \200 cutlet in your hand.

Kanda Daruma is another snack stand that I recommend.


Enjoy the thin skin taiyaki, fish-shaped pancakes with red bean paste. It’s \140 apiece and tasty to the last bite!


While the taiyaki is delicious, I am more of a fan of their karinto manju, fried manju bun with red bean paste filling.


You can choose from regular bean paste and sweet potato paste filling.

The crispy skin of the outside and the rich filling make a great combo. It’s delicious, easy to carry in one hand, and only ¥110 apiece!


Why not pack a few to take back home?

From shopping to gourmet, there is so much to do in Ameyoko. The atmosphere is not quite like anywhere else. Every time I go, I’m able to find something I didn’t noticed before.

I definitely recommend you include a visit to Ameyoko in your trip schedule!

6-10-7, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
2~3 min walk from Ueno station
different according to shop
different according to shop
different according to shop
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