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The white tonkotsu soup is not too greasy. The ramen comes with lots of chopped up negi leek and two pieces of pork as toppings.


Yonechan’s tasty and refreshing tonkotsu ramen

Take the south exit at Okachimachi station and walk for a few minutes, and you will find yourself in front of Yonechan’s entrance curtain.



The inside is invisible from the outside. Open the door and you will find a ticket vending machine on the right.

It was already 80% full with male customers.

The rather small restaurant has one counter and can contain twelve people.



Clean and pleasant

Ramen restaurants are often quite greasy especially around the counter area. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the table was clean and the restaurant seemed sanitary in general.



It felt nice seeing that the containers for red ginger and leaf mustard were neatly organized as well.

I noticed the staff come and wipe the counter as soon as a customer left.


How firm do you want your noodles?

When you order, make sure to request how firm, or not, you want the noodles to be.
There are as many as six levels of firmness!

I found apple vinegar on the counter. I’m guessing it’s a common complement for Hakata style ramen?


“True” tonkotsu ramen

From the counter, I saw the two staff divide the tasks and prepare the food very efficiently. It was a very pleasant view!

Five minutes later, my ramen arrives.

The white tonkotsu soup is not too greasy. The ramen comes with lots of chopped up negi leek and two pieces of pork as toppings.


I take a sip of the soup.

The mild salt taste soup is delicious! I feel like I could drink this forever!


The thin noodles match perfectly with the soup. They are nice and firm, just like I asked them to be.


The pork pieces are a bit thin, but nice and tender.


The flavor increases and expands as I add red ginger and leaf mustard

In addition to the red ginger, which is a must for tonkotsu ramen, I added lead mustard for the first time… which turned out to be an excellent idea! The ginger and leaf mustard together add a subtle spiciness, giving the soup a richer flavor.


I tried adding the apple vinegar as well. And now it’s turned into a more refreshing taste! Interesting!



I definitely enjoyed discovering new flavors of the standard tonkotsu soup!
And because it was a non-greasy soup, I was able to finish it, without feeling heavy afterwards.

Thank you for the satisfying meal!


3-23-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
3 min walk from Okachimachi station
4 min walk from Naka-Okachimachi station
Weekdays 11:00~22:00(L.O.21:45)
Sat/Sun/Holiday 11:00~21:00(L.O.20:45)
No Holidays
Ramen, gyoza