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“Toriteru” is a yakitori (grilled chicken on a skewer) bar in Shinagawa, which is standing in obscurity, which makes it hidden from outside world.


“Toriteru” is a yakitori (grilled chicken on a skewer) bar in Shinagawa, which is standing in obscurity, which makes it hidden from outside world.
Walk a minute from Takanawaguchi exit of Shinagawa station to find a multi-tenant building. The yakitori bar is located at an underground bar street, where several small bars are assembling. The street is known as an oasis of salary men who have finished their work. ;D
They only accept reservation phone call during 18:00-18:30 on weekdays. In addition, bookable days are set until next Friday in advance, which makes it very difficult to reserve the seats on your preferred day.


This is the entrance

They only have 12 counter seats. There is an old Japanese saying “even a chance acquaintance is decreed by destiny”, explaining the encounter with people sitting next to you is not by coincidence, but it is a destiny from previous life. It would be a good memory to talk with them.
The master sometimes invites another additional customer even there is no seat available. Just squeeze a bit! Haha


Only12 to 13 people are available inside

I ordered “standard 9 yakitori set” (¥3200) as usual.


Sabiyaki (Yakitori toped wasabi)


Sunagimo (gizzard)




Bonjiri (chicken tail)


Uzura (quail)


Nankotsu (chicken cartel)


Dango with Hatsu and Negima (chicken dumpling with chicken heart and spring onions)


Chicken stock soup to finish

All yakitori are served with best seasoning. My favorite ones are Uzura(quail), Nankotsu (chicken cartel) and Bonjiri(chicken tail)♪ All yakitori are seasoned a little bit salty, which plays a great role as snacks for alcohol!
As you can see in pictures, this set menu might be big meal for ladies since all yakitori has relatively big bits of slices. Even I, admitting myself as a big eater, feel full in the end♪ Very satisfying meal.
I guarantee that all ingredients are very fresh and high quality as I could see beautiful ingredients in a clear showcase. “Toriteru” is run by the master by himself and he purchases only a quantity of ingredients reserved on each day!!

He is trying to make eco friendly restaurant by not making waste of ingredients as possible♪ The volume of 9 yakitori with reasonable pricing is also the reason of keeping popularity.
Of course, it is nice to have meal at fancy restaurant, but I love this comfy, good old Japanese days styled yakitori bar to visit once in a while.

B1 Shuwa Shinagawa Building, 3-26-33 Takanawa, Minatoku, Tokyo
1 min walk from Shinagawa sta
Saturday, Sunday