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The ramen shop, Torisoba 156 (a very interesting name!) is located very close to Azabu-juban Station.


The ramen shop, Torisoba 156 (a very interesting name!) is located very close to Azabu-juban Station.

156 1

Both the exterior and interior are nice – it’s trendy and spacious.

156 2

Here’s the menu.

156 3

Let me introduce you one by one.

The very first one is Aosasoba.
Aosasoba contains rich chicken soup with menma (Chinese bamboo shoots), slices of chicken, a flavored soft-boiled egg, and sea lettuce, which is different from other usual ramen.
This menu is recommended to people who prefer strong and rich taste of the soup.

156 4

The next one is Takoyaki (octopus balls).
This is the first time I saw Takoyaki in a ramen shop!
The Takoyaki here was amazing. Each takoyaki ball is filled with ginger slices and a big piece of diced octopus– cranky on the outside and juicy inside.
Be careful when you eat, it is so hot! :)

156 5

You can see black pig gyoza dumplings come on a playful dish.

156 6

The third one is chicken leg. It’s sooo BIG!
The chicken is very soft and juicy, so if you are a big eater, it’s worth trying!
You can enjoy the chicken without any sauce.

156 7

The fourth is boiled dumplings with rich chicken soup.
The boiled dumpling is wrapped with thick skin, so it can make your stomach easily full.

156 8

Then, the fifth one is Jyunno-Noritama-Tsukesoba.
The noodles are chewy, the ingredients are cut so thick, and the soup is so thick and tasty.

156 9

The sixth is Ebikara-Tantanmen.
It’s so spicy! This tantanmen doesn’t come with any soup.
I only recommend this to those obsessed with spicy food.

156 10

The seventh one is Toritama-Cheese-Mazesoba.
When you mix it with raw egg, it transforms into Carbonara pasta.
Recommended for those craving for some European-like dishes.

156 11

I am sure you will be satisfied with the volume of the meals – you will definitely be stuffed!

156 12

2-1-10 Azabu-juban Minato Tokyo
130m (20 seconds) from Azabu-juban Station
No Holidays