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Have you had perfectly fried light battered tempura before? If you haven't, you are missing a important gourmet experience in Japan! Visit Tsunahachi to have beautifully fried vegetables and seafood! They also have special dessert too♡ Let's have a look!


Wonderful “Hanasaki” Tempura♡

Shinagawa station is one of the convenient spot with various trains lines running, hotels and restaurants.
In such an urban city of Tokyo, “Tsunahashi” is especially popular regardless of age, gender and nationality!


I visited “Tsunahashi” to have early lunch at 11:30am but there were already full of customers inside.


There is a big counter table surrounded a main kitchen, and several table seats are set along the wall.
I often visit here to have their have special lunch menu with reasonable price.
I love their “Oroshi-Tenju”, (steamed rice with tempura on top).. But I chose the must-have menu, “Tempura set menu” !!(¥1180)

This menu includes tempura shrimp, conger eel, sillago, vegetables and small “kakiage (mixed vegetables coated by tempura batter)”, steamed rice and miso soup!
Very stuffy, aren’t they?

A staff at the restaurant brings your tempura to the table.
Please pour tempura sauce into the small plate and wait for just-deep-fired tempura!


Waited for 10 minutes, and first tempura set are arrived to my table.
The staff dished sillago, green pepper, and squid up on my plate!


Like this.


The batter is very light and blooming like a flower. It’s a Japanese saying on tempura, which indicates beautifully deep-fried and the batter looks like a flower.

Steamed rice and miso soup arrived!


Let’s have tempura as soon as possible not to miss their freshly cooked crunchy texture!


Fluffy flesh sillago and light batter.. hmm delicious!

I prefer to eat this sillago with salt.
There are two kinds of salt, standard and curry flavored on the table.



Have another bite with crunchy tempura with sault..
The mild taste of salt becomes a great foil for this delicious tempura!

I recommend you to have squid tempura with curry-flavored salt!
The next tempura, shrimp and conger eel came in a good timing.


Size of conger eel is relatively small, but it’s filling than I expected.
This conger eel has also delicious fluffy fresh.
Let shrimp tempura jump into soy seasoned sauce… and have it with steamed rice!
Hmmmmm..I am so Happy!

Miso soup has good dashi (soup stock) from shijimi mussels (small mussel used for miso soup).
It caught on my tummy very kindly.


The last dish is small shrimp Kakiage!!


The sweetness of fried onion and the texture of plump shrimp are just fantastic!
I enjoyed last bite with soaked rice by the sauce and kakiage on the top!
“Kakiage-don” style♪
It has been a while since I had the last freshly fried tempura by sesame oil.
I could not avoid their awesome dessert♡


…..? what?
Isn’t it another tempura?
Yes, you are right. This is a dolce tempura!!

Ice cream tempura♡
Freshly fried tempura batter is coating slightly melted ice cream!
They match perfectly.
My recommended way of eating this is, just sprinkle a little bit of salt on top.
Salty-sweet ice cream is just delicious!


Please have this tempura ice cream when you visit here, “Tsunahachi”♪
I enjoyed every single dish at Tsunahachi.
Thanks for delicious food!

B1F, West Wing Takanawa, Keikyu Shopping Plaza, 4-10-18, Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes walk from Shinagawa Station, Takanawa-guchi exit
11:00~23:00(Sunday&National holidays 11:00~22:00)
No holidays
lunch ¥1,000~¥1,999 / dinner ¥2,000~¥2,999