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If you are keen on having Washoku, the traditional Japanese meal, Takishita is one of my recommended places to turn out. They provide you the very best grilled seafood with Japanese rice, Miso soup, and little vege bowl for lunch.


Long Queue tells you its Popularity

Walking on the Azabu shopping street, I was amazed how many people lining up in front of “Takishita” on quiet Thursday morning.

It was merely at 11 o’clock and there are also many restaurant opening on that street.
I could tell how popular that restaurant is in gourmet town, Azabu. By the time master opened the door, store got filled up with people looking for their perfect seafood.


Fresh Season Ingredients from Tsukiji

Master decides menu on that day depending on in-season ingredients he gets on that day from Tsukiji fish market.
Menus are written in Japanese. Please don’t hesitate to ask the master.


Pick the counter seat if you want to enjoy their cooking, or Zashiki, Japanese traditional table setting, to make yourself comfortable.

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Japanese Mind in Every Dish

Starters are pickles and seaweed salads with tiny bowl while waiting for the meal.
I ordered grilled Spanish mackerel covered with miso.
It was just beautifully and gradually grilled by high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak, made the fish fluffy, sweet and juicy.

Bit of saltiness goes perfectly with added rice. I could not keep saying “this is good” with every mouthful.


Don't be bothered to what to choose, Every meal is Amazing

My friend ordered grilled salmon set menu. This one looked delicious too.
If you or your companies are not into seafood, don’t worry. They also have Tempura, fried vegetables, grilled pork, Wagyu (Japanese beef) and other menus as well.

I guarantee their quality, and lunch at Takishita makes your day!!


First Floor Kojima building, 2-1-11, Azabujuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
2 munite walk from Azabu-juban station(exit 4)
11:30~14:00/ 17:30~23:00
Japanese Set Meal,Izakaya
Lunch ¥1000~2000 / Dinner ¥8000~9000