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If you are looking for great volume, reasonable and high quality, Sushi Gin is the one to pick. They have different types of set menus depending on volumes. All the foods are neatly cooked my master, and you can enjoy real Japanese sushi in Sushi Gin.


Sushi-gin locates quiet residential area of Azabu, however, it locates close to Azabu station. I was about to walk pass the restaurant.


Susigin is one of the highly recommended sushi restaurants with counter table style. You can enjoy watching the master make sushi in front of you.

Ingredients are showing up in a clear glass case which is placed between you and master, and you can choose the one you want. I reckon it is easier for tourist from overseas who cannot read Japanese in this style.


Moreover, the taste, volume, and the price will overwhelm your expectation.
Sushigin is a cozy sushi restaurant in Azabu. They have only three lunch menu divided by volume and price.

I recall there were lunch set, special lunch set and volumed lunch set and each of them are about 500 yen difference in price. I picked normal lunch set which is about ¥1,500.


While I was waiting for sushi to come, master brought a little seaweed starter.

It is one of the interesting part of Japanese cuisine to guess what is served and taste. I live in Japan for entire my life but it was my first time to see and taste square shaped, softly seasoned with vinegar, seaweed.


Sushi was beautifully set, by color and shape. They were shinning on the plate and made me troubled with deciding which to start!!

Before I start nigirizushi, hand rolled sushi which are the picture in middle, master brought another sushi plate, egg omelet, pickles, and miso soup!
I could not be any happier with the quality and volume of nigirizushi, but additional plates made me in heaven.

The mild sweetness of omelet went very well with salty sushi and miso soup.


Conversation over the counter with master is also a highlight of this restaurant. Some customer were asking about ingredients, master's recommendation of a day, and enjoying chat each other.
The warmth of atmosphere, good pricing, and taste of food will definitely remains your memory in Japan.

Rerent Azabujuban 1F Azabu, 2-8-12,azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3 minute from Azabujuban Station
12:00~15:00/ 17:30~23:30
No holidays
lunch ¥1,000~¥1,999 / dinner ¥15,000~¥19,999