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There is a cozy looking restaurant at a two-minute walk from Kasai station.It’s called Shundokoro Uosen!This little restaurant is a local favorite.


Kaisendon at a Homey Restaurant

There is a cozy looking restaurant at a two-minute walk from Kasai station.

It’s called Shundokoro Uosen!

This little restaurant is a local favorite.

I have been here once for dinner. The food was amazing, so I decided to try out their lunch this time!


The lunch hours are run by the Taisho (master) and the lovely wife in an apron, warmly greeting the customers.


The atmosphere is so comfortable, it feels as if I just came home.

This tatami area is filled with big groups in the evening.


The lunch menus offered here are: Kaisendon (bowl of rice topped with sashimi), Shogayaki (ginger-fried pork) set menu and the daily set menu.

The set menu of this day is anago eel and sillago tempura!

I was so tempted to order the anago tempura that I love… but went with the Kaisendon!

I waited for five minutes, staring at the TV. It’s really just like home!


Here it is, the glorious Kaisendon!


It has octopus, medium-fatty tuna, minced crab cake, cucumber, umibudou seaweed, Japanese amberjack, greater amberjack, urchin and salmon roe.

With all this in it, the Kaisendon is only ¥1,000! They only offer 30 servings a day, so try to go early!

In the evening, the don (bowl of rice with topping), and other set menus are just ¥100 more.

I mix the wasabi with the soy sauce and pour it in to the don.


I take a bite!


Hmm? The rice is not the vinegared sushi kind, but regular white rice with no seasoning. But I love the nori seaweed on top! Yum!

The tastes of the many different sashimi spread trough my mouth. The urchin has such a nice rich flavor.


I love the popping texture of the umibudou!

The side dish that came with the Kaisendon is cooked and seasoned bamboo.


It’s seasoned just the way I like it!
A light and delicate flavor
The cooked bamboo is chilled after having absorbed the spice.

The pickled vegetables are nice and refreshing.


The Taisho and his wife were very attentive and pleasant. I was impressed how they right away noticed and came to fill the teacup when it became empty.

The lunch set came with an iced coffee at the end. Very satisfying over all!


The meal was delicious and the warm owners made the visit such a pleasant one. Thank you!

3-15-12 Nakakasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
2 min walk form Kasai station
11:30~14:00 & 17:00~23:30
Izakaya, Donburi, Japanese set meals
lunch ~¥999 / dinner ¥3,000~¥3,999