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Welcome to Okinawa! Shima-Gohan serves variety of Okinawa cuisine with relaxing atmosphere. From the entrance to inside, every bits and pieces of interiors are inspired by Okinawa culture.


Okinawa Cuisine at Southern Atmosphere♡

A delicious Okinawa Cuisine restaurant, “Shima-gonan” places in Nishi-Kasai.
I love the relaxed atmosphere and food at Shima-gohan.
We can have set menus at lunchtime and Okinawa food & Alcohol at dinnertime.


I found this strange Mr.manikin welcoming customers on my way to the entrance…!!


You can feel southern atmosphere from the entrance.
The outside terrace tables are also popular in this warm season too.


People at the restaurants are very friendly and welcomed me!

Okinawa folk songs were playing inside. The relaxing atmosphere and Okinawa writings on the wall were entertaining customers while they were waiting for food♡


Time to face the menus.. It’s really hard to decide every time.
All sounds delicious!


I usually order “Okinawa-soba noodle” at this restaurant, but I always wanted to try different menus too.

I recommend “Ganju-set” for people like me, who want to try Okinawa cuisine little by little.
I am going to have “Ganju-set” this time♡

Drinks are self-served!
There are many kinds of drinks to choose from, such as “Sanpin-tea(Jasmine tea)”, Shikwasa(Okinawa lemon) juice, Apple juice…
The good thing is you can have as much as you like♡
Please try Okinawa drinks for free!


My favorite is Shikwasa Juice. Shikwasa is a citrus fruit, grown in Okinawa.
It’s not too sweet but has refreshing taste!


Da-dah! My “Ganju-set” has arrived!
I googled what “Ganju” means, because even Japanese would not understand traditional Okinawa language!
By the way, “Ganju” means, “Powerful” and “Fit”.
I assume this set menu is created to give energy!

Gorgeous, aren’t they? I am so excited to taste♪
Let’s start with mozuku, algae-like seaweed.


Vinegar goes very well with mozuku. Very refreshing.
In fact, this mozuku side dish is served as appetizer at dinnertime.
You can have another bowl of mozuku as mu as you like♪

People have mozuku with soy seasoning like “sou-men” (thin noodle) at night.
This keeps me coming to this Okinawa restaurant♡


Sesami-tofu is also rich and creamy!
Every girl would love this taste for sure.

Okinawa-soba noodle is also on the trey with mini-sized bowl.

I always put this “Shima-tougarashi” (hot chili of Okinawa) since I loooove chili taste!
But be careful not to put too much. It’s super hot!

Home cooking meal in Okinawa♡
“Ju-shi” (seasoned rice) has many ingredients inside with soy seasoning.
Having with “Ku-bu-irichi” (cooked seaweed) is my way to enjoy seasoned rice.

There is a slice of pineapple for dessert♡ Finished them all!
Luckily, you can get “Chin-suko” (Okinawan biscuit) on the way out♪

It was more than I expected! Delicious, comfortable Okinawa cuisine at Shima-gohan, Recommended!

B1F, Daini-kiraku building,, 6-18-3, Nishi-kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
3 minute from Nishikasai Station(Tokyo Metro Line)
Lunch 11:30~15:00(L.O.14:30)
Dinner (Monday-Saturday) 17:00~24:00(L.O.23:00)
Dinner (Sunday&National holidays)16:30~23:30(L.O.22:30
No holidays
Japanese Set Meal, Izakaya
lunch ~¥1,000 / dinner ~¥3,000