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We visited a Yakitori dining, Saruno-shippo in Azabu-juban.If you want a taste of Yakitori, Saruno-shippo is one of my recommended places to go.


A Taste that Grabs Your Stomach


We visited a Yakitori dining, Saruno-shippo in Azabu-juban.

It is located in a nice quiet delicious restaurant district, about 5-minute walk from Azabu-juban Station.

If you want a taste of Yakitori, Saruno-shippo is one of my recommended places to go.

First floor offers counter-seats and the second floor are divided into semi-private rooms. We were shown to a private room.

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There are many otsumami (snacks to go with alcohol).

All of them looked good!

It took us a while to choose.

At the end, we decided to order mentaiko (salted cod’s roe spiced with hot red pepper), seafood salad, and ray fin.




and of course yakitori.



All the Yakitori
-¥300 per one

We ordered…
Negima (grilled chicken with leek)
Kawa (chicken skin)
Sunagimo (chicken gizzard)
Bonjiri (chicken tail)

It was just beautiful. I could stare at them forever.

Each and every one of them was so juicy and when I put it in my mouth, it immediately melted and the sweetness spread in my mouth!

All the Yakitori were grilled just right! Let’s say PERFECT.

Eat the Negima with leeks. The juice of the leeks and chicken blends well.

Kawa was crispy on the outside but the more I chewed, the juicier it got.

Both Sunagimo and Bonjiri had an interesting texture but this was addicting!!

We also ordered sea bream sashimi and Torisashi (chicken sashimi). Both of them were so fresh and every mouthful was satisfying.

As for Torisashi, eat it together with Konbu, leeks and grated ginger. The saltiness of Konbu merges so well with the chicken!



To round off the night, we ordered chicken soup noodle.

The thick and rich soup and the simmered chicken was sooooo delicious!!

After the soup enters your mouth, take a bite of the chicken, and then eat the noodle.

The existence of each portion makes the chicken soup noodle so appetizing!


The portion is a little small, but the taste will definitely grab your stomach!

If you are looking for a wondering yakitori experience, go to Saruno-shippo.

Some of them are seasonal menus you might not be able to enjoy all of them depending on the seasons.

I ordered white lever (it’s really rare!) but it wasn’t on season. They said they are likely to have it during winter.

Come and enjoy the wonderful meals at Saruno-shippo.

It will definitely satisfy your mind and stomach!

1F Okazaki Building, 1-5-27 Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
324m from Azabu-juban Station
11:30~14:30 and 18:00~23:00
Sundays (sometimes Mondays)
Lunch ¥1000~¥1999 / Dinner ¥6000~¥7999