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“Nagasaki chanpon”, which is the main dish at Ringerhut has great quality and quantity of vegetables.Famous chain store in Japan.


I tend to forget having vegetables since I am always pressed for time. But here, “Ringerhut” is a suitable place to get rid of a lack of vegetables.
“Nagasaki chanpon”, which is the main dish at Ringerhut has great quality and quantity of vegetables.


Speaking of “Nagasaki chanpon”, Ringerhut is the best place

It says “Let’s take a lot of vegetables” on the sign of Ringerhut and I am pleased to know that it contains a lot more vegetables than usual one♪


Appealing of tons of vegetables

So, I ordered Nagasaki Chanpon this time.
You can choose the quantity of noodles from normal, 1.5 times, and double, and they are same price!! Cheeky me! I chose 1.5 times of noodles without hesitating.
The alarm vibrated after 3 min,,,brrrrrr. Look at the volume! The reason why Ringerhut is said to be good for health is, they only use domestic produced vegetables. In addition, they do not use food preservative nor artificial coloring.


Looks very fancy with colorful vegetables

The volume of noodle was more than I expected when I scooped up the bottom of the bowl with chopsticks!! The thick noodle catches vegetables well in each bite.
Look at that! Tons of cabbages, sprouts, garlic chives, carrots, shrimps, corns, and soybeans color up the dish.


Excellent balance of vegetables and thick noodle

Yes, the flavor of soup and vegetables are wonderful!
I kept wiping my face with a hand towel and taking breaks once in a while since it made me sweat!



Simple, light soup has a robust flavor

I had vegetables, noodles, and soup with Chinese spoon in turn.
And finally, I finished up the last bite and sent them to my stomach♪
I might have overeaten a little, but it was delicious and satisfying lunch, Nagasaki chanpon I love it. It is also convenient to stop by and have meal before or after shopping since it is located at the food court in Ito-Yokado. Moreover, if you take one step outside, there is a huuuuge skytree standing there, and that will make the food a lot more tasty!

1-2-1 Kyojima, Sumidaku, Tokyo
2min walk from Hikifune Sta. exit 2
No Holiday
Nagasaki chanpon