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Ooshima is a delicious ramen shop in Funabori.The shop is more fashionable than I thought!The recommended dish is Miso Ramen.


Funabori Station is just a 30-minute subway ride from Shinjuku Station.

Ooshima is a delicious ramen shop in Funabori.

wait Ooshima?

I remember passing by a station called Ooshima!

Now I’m getting curious.

Ooshima is 8 minutes away from Funabori Station.


I heard there’s a long queue on weekends but I went on a weekday afternoon so I didn’t have to wait to get inside!

The shop is more fashionable than I thought!


There are two table-seats and the rest are counter-seats.

The recommended dish is Miso Ramen.

Besides, there are Kara Miso Ramen (spicy Miso), Shio Ramen (salt), and Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce).

Without hesitation, I chose Miso Ramen.

I was led to one of the counter-seats and waited for my Ramen.


When I looked around, I saw a lot of women.

“Omataseshimashita!” (Thank you for waiting!)

A female staff brought the Ramen with a great smile on her face.


So appetizing!! But why isn’t there any steam coming out?

But I scooped some noodles and…


The steam started to come out!

There was a thin film of oil on the soup.

I took a sip of the soup…

AAh! It’s steaming hot!!

Caution!! It is actually HOT.

The Miso Soup is seasoned with some ginger! So delicious!

This is one of my Top 3 Ramen.

The noodle is yellow egg noodle.

It goes so well with the soup.

It also comes with chopped grilled pork and 2 slices of big grilled pork.

The soup might be a little too thick but enjoy it for a while.

Afterwards, you can order a Usumeru Soup (diluting soup) and add some to the thick soup! You can enjoy different tastes!

I finished it in no time!


Ooshima serves delicious Ramen loved by both men and women.

Come and enjoy!

6-7-13 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
8-minute walk from Funabori Station
11:00~15:00 17:00~20:30