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Looking for Japanese cozy Izakaya? Masukichi has great quality dish at quiet small space with only 16 seats. The charm of Masukichi is, they have different types of dish with incomparable quality. Udon noodles, Ma-bo tofu, and Guy-suji don are my recommendation for you♡


Very Cozy but Quality of Food at Masukichi

We were about to go Chinese restaurant in Azabu for lunch.
But we saw a delicious picture of "Guy-shiji Don", a box of rice topped with grilled beef tendon and "Ma-bo-tofu", a Chinese dish, spicy Sichuan dish of tofu and minced meat.

hmmmmm. It's hard to decide. But we chose this restaurant Masukichi, expecting good food as the signboard.


Inside of the restaurant was quiet at lunchtime.
But it would be full of people in dinnertime, as they runs as Izakaya.


You only have two(three actually) choices at lunch time, which are on signboard outside.
""Guy-shuji Don" or "Ma-bo tofu"...
The price is standard, ¥1000 for Ma-bo tofu set menu.
You can choose "gyu-shuji don" from "best"(¥1,500) and "very best"(¥2,800).

I think the amount and the quality of beef would be the difference of them.
It was a chili day, so I chose "Ma-bo tofu" to warms me up with spicy Chinese dish♡

Simmering Ma-Bo Tofu♡


Oh, my goodness! Can you see?
Ma-bo tofu was still simmering in a bowl!!!
I have never had this quality of ma-bo tofu before.


This set menu has ma-bo tofu, rice, softly boiled egg, seaweed soup, and pickles.


This is the egg.
It's called "Onsen-tamago" (Hot spring egg). It is widely used in Japanese dish to add mild taste into strong taste dish.
It's not properly cooked egg, so it breaks very easily by chopsticks.

It's up to you whether you eat by itself to enjoy mildly seasoned egg, or put it into Ma-bo tofu to enjoy changeable taste!
I put it into Ma-Bo tofu because it was very spicy for me!


Tofu inside of the chili soup was elastic and soft♡
It was totally different from what I usually buy at supermarket!

Juicy Beef Tendon on Rice


My friend ordered "Gyu-suji Don best".
Beautifully grilled, slightly pinky,medium rare, beef tendon♡


This dish also comes with the same menu as Ma-bo tofu.
OOOOPS! I was about to forget to tell you, but "Gyu-suji don" is limited only for 10 plates in lunchtime!
It must be very costly to offer with reasonable price.

Master was very nice and always had smile on his face:)
I would love to order "very best Guy-suji Don" on my next payday♡
Thanks for the great lunchtime, Masukich!

2F Ginsui building, 2-4-6, Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3 minutes walk from Azabu-juban Station
18:00~26:00(L.O.AM25:00)/ (Lunch available)
No holidays
Izakaya, Japanese Set menu
lunch ¥1,000~¥2,800 / dinner ¥¥5,000~¥5,999