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Marukou-suisan is a lively Izakaya restaurant in Shinjuku-sanchome.During “Event Time”, there will be an announcement that some of the Sushi and Sashimi such as sea urchin and salmon roe will be on time-sale!!


Enjoy the events! Lively Seafood Izakaya

Marukou-suisan is a lively Izakaya restaurant in Shinjuku-sanchome.


From the entrance to the interiors, I got an impression that it’s a fishermen restaurant.

It’s very interesting.


Marukou-suisan has Happy Hours and “Event Time”!

During Happy Hour,
Highball is ¥100
Gin/Whisky is ¥150
You can enjoy alcohol at a very cheap price!

During “Event Time”, there will be an announcement that some of the Sushi and Sashimi such as sea urchin and salmon roe will be on time-sale!!

“Event Time” is the time when the restaurant will be on full swings♪

There are table seats and Zashiki seats.

Many of the customers come to enjoy the mass Izakaya atmosphere. There are celebrities too!!

There are many autographs on the walls.



Starting off with draft beer.


The atmosphere of the restaurant is making me want to order more alcohols!!

Today’s appetizer was Ebisen (shrimp crackers).

With freshly fried Ebisen, we were able to keep up a lively conversation.




Oyster was soooo fresh! It came with lemon, Ponzu, and Momiji-oroshi (grated maple).

Ponzu goes so well with the smell of the sea. It’s milky!
I ate it in a bite so I ordered another one. But I’m pretty sure I could eat 10 of them!

While we were waiting for the additional oyster, Chu-torobutsu (medium fatty tuna) arrived!


It’s cut very small, but it has a lot of fat. It was sooo delicious!

The fat and Wasabi harmonized well!


While I was being impressed by the tuna, the additional oyster arrived!


It was tasty!!

I decided to stop here otherwise I would keep ordering oysters… haha

When I was planning to order Hama-yaki (freshly caught seafood broiled on your own), I saw Maguro-no Tsuboyaki (grilled tuna). Plus it was only ¥700!

But it was sold out…

I guess it’s very popular!

Other than that there were, scallops and turban shells.

In the vicinity, I saw people broiling seafood. The smell of the burnt soy sauce…I could smell it forever.

Oh no, we can’t go without any alcohols! So we got some hot Japanese Sake.

I ate some pickled eggplant and potato salad.



The taste of pickled eggplants depends on the shop…sometimes too soft, and sometimes too salty. It’s very hard to get pickles right.

It’s very plain but Maruko-suisan serves the pickles that are not too salty. It definitely goes well with alcohol.

Hidden popular menu here is Karaage (fried chicken).


The big chicken is juicy in the inside and a little spicy on the outside.

There are many people who just come to eat Karaage.

Right next to our table, there was a group of three people. Each of them had a Karaage plate.

Broiled clam, broiled squid, and Japanese omelet…

There are so many menus that I still want to eat.

But I got too full from ordering too much alcohol.

I’m definitely coming here again.

There was a black phone next to the cashier. It’s so familiar! There used to be a lot of these in Showa era.

From the beginning to end, this rhetoric atmosphere made my day!


Right when I got to the cashier, the time-sale started.

Fresh sea urchin Sushi only for ¥190! I wanted some too! haha

It’s a very lively restaurant and it’s usually crowded on weekends but you’ll definitely enjoy your meal!

3-12-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
2-minute walk from Shinjuku-sanchome Station
16:00~24:00 (Fri, Sat 16:00~29:00)
No Holidays
Seafood, Izakaya