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Juuban is a Bento-Box Shop and restaurant in Azabu. They have over 50 menus. Because of the family run business and their reasonable prices, it is an obscure but popular Bento shop among people in the area. They have warmth of good old Japanese atmosphere♡


The Bento-Restaurant from Good Old Days♡


We have been posting fancy, high class restaurants in Tokyo.
But why don't you look into more unpretetious restaurants?
There are so many restaurants that is hidden from gourmet website and tour books!
Juban is one of them♡

Various Menus from Japanese Meal to Western-Style


There is a big sign board of special menus outside of the restaurant.
Most of the menus on the menu book are in Japanese, so I suggest you to choose one you like from pictures.


Inside of the restaurant is looks like a normal Bento-Store.
Their main business are selling Bento-box at the store, or taking orders by a phone call.
But they also have spaces inside and terrace to enjoy their fresh and hot Bento meal right in the spot!

Let's Choose!Wow, How Many Menus Are They Handling?


There are over 50 menus on menu book!
It made me excited and trouble to choose from yummy menus!
And finally, I chose "Makuno-Uchi Bento Set".


Yay! This is the "Makuno-Uchi Bento Set".
"Makuno-Uchi Bento" is a Japanese traditional Bento set, with rice and various sided dishes!
Unlike "Fried Chicken Bento", or "Hamburg Bento", "Makuno-Uchi Bento" is considered to be healthy because of its various side dishes!
The origin of "Makuno-Uchi Bento" came from over 1500 years ago,and the word "Makuno-Uchi" started to use in Edo period.
Long history, huh?
People used to eat this type of Bento in the break time of Japanese theater show.

Looks Like a Box of Miniature Dishes♡



Look at the number of sided dishes!
The great point of "Makuno-Uchi Bento" is that you can enjoy different types of dishes little by little:D
There are white rice, white radish pickles, boiled spinach, grilled salmon, a small bowl of noodle, miso soup, root vegetables, rolled egg, fish sausage, deep-fried fish, deep-fried chicken, yakitori(Grilled Chicken with sauce), fried vegetables, steamed dumpling, and sweet mocha ball.
There are over 15 side dishes in such a small spaces!♡
You can enjoy different types of Japanese taste and get balanced nutrition from "Makuno-Uchi Bento"!


Umeboshi(salted plum) and sesame on rice is very Japanese traditional way;)

I Love the Taste of Retro Look Inside♡



Inside of the restaurant is very cozy and you can feel the history of old Japanese Bento restaurant in the air.
As you can see, toys and teddy bears became dull in color, but it also has old atmosphere!
This Bento shop is run by a family, the master and his mother.
They are very cheerful and enjoying serving Bento for people in Azabu.

Oh, I forgot to tell you!
My "Makuno-Uchi Bento" was only ¥650!!
It is cheaper than having lunch at McDonald's. haha
Besides of the number of sided dishes, quantity, quality and the location, I definitely choose Juuban for my lunch!♡

1-6-3, Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
5minute walk from Azabu Station
Bento, Japanese Set Meal