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Japanese Ice OUCA

Cute teddy heals you from this humidity! OUCA is a Japanese Ice Cream shop in Ebisu. They have special teddy ice cone in summer time, which you can choose from 4 flavors. Why don't you have a refreshing break OUCA?


So-popular Place in Ebisu, Japanese Icecream♡

I want to have something sweet in Ebisu….
Then here you are! Japanese Icecream OUCA.


It is pretty crowded on weekends, but it won’t take time to have seats on weekday♪


Wow! There are many kinds of delicious icecream lining up in the case!
Sweet potatos, Karinto(fried dough cake), Kokuto (Brawn sugar), Matcha(Green tea)…they are all Japanese tasted icecreams.
These flavors cannot have in any other shops♪

My favorite is, this! Karinto icecream♡


This triple flavor ice cream is also popular as you can enjoy three types of taste at once!
In addition, you can have not only ice cream but ice cone in summer season!

And look at that! Teddy ice cone is so lovely, isn’t it?


I have to order this teddy for this time!
There are 4 kinds of taste that you can choose, sweet pomelo, shiromitsu(honey), Kuromitsu(brown sugar syrup), and strawberry.

I decided to have “Black Teddy Icecone” with kuromitsu taste for ¥640.
Inside of the shop is very cozy with several counter seats.
This atmosphere brings at home air.

You can serve houji-cha, roasted tea, by yourself.


Inside of the kitchen looks very cute♪



Waiting for 10 minutes, here is my black teddy!


How cute is he? I want to keep him just like that..
But let’s taste.
A lot of brawn syrup has toped and very very delicious!


You may have trouble digging the ice cone as it is a heaped of ice cone..
But please taste little by little.


There are azuki (Japanese sweet red beans)…


And fruits such as apricots and oranges comes out inside of the teddy♡



Nose part is created by vanilla ice cream.
Keep it to the end to taste mixture of ice cream and ice cone♪
I want you to have it in summer for sure!

This wonderful teddy brought me “relaxation” and “coolness” in middle of summer.

Japanese Ice OUCA
1F, Tsuthida building,1-6-6 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2 minute walk from Ebisu Station(West exit)
March to October 11:00~23:30(L.O.23:00)
November to February 12:00~23:00(L.O.22:45)
No holidays