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Vegging Out in Azabu-Juban♡ CRISP SALAD WORKS is a cafe focused on salads, grains and lemonades made from fresh an high quality raw ingredients. Just chill, enjoy the organic food, and feel the natural atmosphere;)


Vegging Out in Azabu-Juban


Hi guys!Looking for a healthy and filling meal?
Here is the suitable vegetable dinning which offers chopped salads in a relaxing, homey like atmosphere.

It is located only 5 minutes away from Azabu-juban station, right in front of Park Court Azabu-juban tower.

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What they offers? They are focused on salads, grains and lemonades made from fresh an high quality raw ingredients.
As you step inside, the smells of perfectly grilled chicken and fresh leaf welcomes you with cheerful greeting.

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There are 30 carefully selected toppings, such as romaine lettuce, tomato, cheese, celery, home made croutons and lots more.

Signature salads "greens" kick off the menu. You can select one from 6 menus which are all written in both Japanese and English.


2 grain bowls are for a big eater like me♡
Let me guide your refreshing lunch at CRISP SALAD WORKS.

Not just ordering off a menu and waiting to arrive!


Look at the beautiful fresh ingredients cooked and prepared though a clear glass!
They take order from the left hand side of counter and select, mix and chop to the right.
It won't take minutes or I was so into watching them making my Guacamole green salad♡
I am so ready to dig!



It's a light break in your daily life looking at people chopping salad so rhythmically.
They brought bowls of salads while I was pouring water!

Unforgettable Vegetable Experience X)♡


Most importantly, their salad is very tasty and enjoyable in each bite.
Having a big bowl of salad sometimes makes you "I'm enough of greens but beef!!", but that never happens here.


They may ask you the dressing.
Every dish has suitable dressing that they recommend, pick that to enjoy the most of it.

Are we in Japan.. or?


Everything about CRISP SALAD WORKS says nature.
From the ingredients, and wooden tables inside, and huge window heals your brain and body.
Forget about crazy, busy, complicated outside world.
Just chill, enjoy the organic food, and feel the natural atmosphere♡

Most surprisingly, over half of the customers were non-Japanese people.
This shop is so favored vegetarian people, and gluten free eaters.
Pleasured time having good food, and reminding my life in Australia♡

If you miss Western atmosphere, here is a tip to heal your nostalgia.

CRISP SALAD WORKS definitely came to my top list of lunch sight♡
(Luckily, it's only 2 minutes walk from my office..*whispering)

1-10-10 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
5 minute from Azabujuban Station
No holidays


Photos from
METROPOLIS /Fashion Press Net