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Asakusasabo is not far from stations and it is in a corner of a street, famous for its fruit pancake.


Have a relaxed time in a hidden cafeteria near the Asakusa station

Asakusasabo is not far from stations and it is in a corner of a street, famous for its fruit pancake.

They have 2 doors to come in. You can see the inside as the cafeteria is surrounded by glass.



The first and third floors are for customers and the second floor is the kitchen.

I took a couch seat in the first floor this time.

It is narrow but I felt somehow comfortable. The inside is decorated with England-style goods and cats shaped goods. The master of this cafeteria was really friendly that although this was the first time I met him, I chattered a lot.




The fruit pancake is voluminous, more than you imagine

The fruit pancake costs 1280 yen, but it only cost 100 yen extra to order a drink and it will be 1380 yen in total.
Obviously, I ordered also a drink.
The master starts to prepare carefully the pancake after taking the order. It is good to read some books you’ll find in the cafeteria, they are related to England or English tea while you are waiting.
I felt like I was in my home when I heard the Beatles’ songs.

After 15 minutes the famous fruit pancake came to my table.

I was surprised at the amount of it for a few seconds!!

I was really happy to see a lot of fruits on top of it.

Seen from the side, from the top and from everywhere, you can see a lot of fruits!! You can’t see the pancake!



The vanilla ice cream and whipped cream are also abundant.
The surface of the pancake is filled with grilled pieces of apple and you can enjoy the subtle sweetness.


They give you extra maple syrup for those who want it sweeter.

I think it is sweet enough.


Coffee prepared delicately

It only costs 100 yen because I asked it with the pancake, but it really tastes good, as it is grinded at the moment.


The pancake has strawberries, blueberries, and piece of banana and oranges. Moreover, it has some grilled pieces of apple. This is the reason why it looks so voluminous.


I think it is better to share it with another people!
For those who are confident to eat completely, try it!!

1-13-9, Hanakawado, Taito-ku, Tokyo
2~3 min walk from Asakusa station
11:30~22:00 (Last order 20:00)
Wednesdays and Thursdays