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Monkey.D Luffy and his straw hat pirates arrived in Tokyo Tower! Attractions, live shows, restaurants, shops and all at this event is dedicated to the comic. One Piece fans, regardless of nationality, surely have pleasure to stay here at One Piece Tower. Don't forget to add on your place-to-visit list♡


Monkey.D Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates are in Tokyo Tower!



The world famous Japanese representative manga, "ONE PIECE" launched the first large-scale theme park in Tokyo Tower.
It opened in March 2015, and the number of visitors had reached 100 thousand in only a month and a half.



There are four floors, (floors 1,3,4 and 5) and they have 8 different attractions, One Piece live shows, original illustration display, restaurants, and shops with limited edition merchandise.


Of course, you can take pictures inside!
There are a lot of photo spot with One Piece characters.
Every piece of inside is dedicated to world of One Piece, even in bathrooms too!
You cannot miss any of it, stay as much as you want with crew of Straw Hat Pirates♡

Overwhelming Live Attraction Stage!



Enjoyable direction, energetic action performance and powerful music!
One Piece live stage is the most popular attraction in Tokyo One Piece Tower.

Great Souvenir, the Limited Edition Merchandise


If you are a fan of One Piece, this shop is just a treasure box.
There are tons of One Piece goods and sweets that you cannot buy anywhere else.



I wanna buy my Halloween costume here♡
There are also T-shirts, cap, socks and towels that you can use in daily life.


"Gum Gum fruit"candyyy♡ There are other version of "devil fruit candy"
Each package has 10 gummy inside, with 7 different flavors.



Chef. Sanji's Cooking is what I have been dreamed of♡/

If you get tired, excited in a theater, shops and attractions, why don't you have a break at "Sanji's Oresama Restaurant"?
Oh-my. Sanji is my favorite character and always dreamed of taste his cooking!haah

They have original menus dedicated to the animation.

The buffet style meal with cute dishes. Don't forget photos to take:)

There is no information on the last date of Tokyo One Piece Tower.
But it is very popular not only among animation "Otaku", but also family, couples, and tourists too!
Let's have a big day with Straw Hat Pirates in Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo One Piece Tower
Minato-ku Area
4-2-8, Shiba Kouen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
5 minute walk from Akabane-bashi station
Through out a year
10:00~22:00(Last admittance at 21:00)
Adults:¥3,200/ Kids(aged 12~14):¥1,500/Under 3: free