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Fukuro Festival

Fukuro festival is one of the biggest dance festival in Japan, hold in Ikebukuro. There will be Yosakoi dance competition by over 100 teams, Mikoshi Shrine parade, festival music performance, food stands and much more! If you are in Tokyo on 26th and 27th of September, there is no reason to visit!♡


The Energetic Tokyo Festival with Traditional Dance!



Fukuro festival is a large-scale festival hold in Ikebukuro.
This festival started in 1968 by 4 shopping street associations.
Fukuro festival goes 2 days. There is an opening ceremony, and an eve festival on day1.
The following day has portable shrine parade, Japanese drum show, musical accompaniment, Eiser Okinawa parade and much more.

This year, the festival will be hold on September 26th and 27th 2015.

What is Japanese Festival Like?



Have you ever experience Japanese festival?
People from overseas often say that Japanese are quiet and shy.
BUT! People become very active and noisy in this time of the year!haha


This is a photo of Ikebukuro Station on Fukuro festival!
You can hardly walk, but there are sounds of festival music, chatting,and laughing.
Please enjoy the atmosphere!

Japanese Festival = Food Stands!♡



There are a lot of special food stand for Festival lining up both side of the streets!
Japanese people loves food at "Matsuri"(festival), because summer time is the only chance to have them, and they all tastes amazing!♡
I am going to write more about food stands at festival in "Special Contents" of TOKYO STORY.
Please check the report before you head off to a festival.

Competition of Japanese Traditional Dance, YOSAKOI

ふくろ 5


There is the biggest Yosakoi dance competition at the end of the festival.
There are 9 halls and over 100 of Yosakoi dance teams shows their own style of Yosakoi dance.



Yosakoi dance is a traditional Japanese dance origined in Kouti prefecture.
The history of Yosakoi dates back to 1590's.
But nowadays, there are variety types of Yosakoi dance, for example, hip-hop, samba, rock, hula-dance and much more!
People enjoy by arranging in their own style!

Fukuro festival is only holds once a year.
If you are in Tokyo on 26th and 27th of September, please try to experience vigorous Japanese festival!

Fukuro Festival
Ikebukuro Area
1, Minami-ikebukuro, Toyoshima-ku, Tokyo
30 seconds walk from Ikebukuro station
26th and 27th September 2015
September 26th 12:40 ~ 27th 21:00