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The Top brand that "Girls what HIM to wear" ♡ BEAMS is a Japanese clothing brand and a major select shop, established in 1976 in Harajuku. It is widely popul…


Don Quixote Shibuya

Don Quixote Shibuya holds over 40,000 items with the lowest price you can find in Japan! Have fun, Save up money, and bring valuable items to your home count…


Don Quixote Shinjuku East

Don Quixote is like a miniature of whole town. They have over 45,000 items in one store! Especially Shinjuku East has variety of goods which are loved by peo…


Apple Store Ginza

Apple Store Ginza is the first Apple management store, and also known as the busiest Apple store in Japan. There are more Asian tourist than Japanese shopper…


gelato pique

Fluffy, Smooth, Colorful, Fashionable..We Love "gelato pique"♡ Pajamas of gelato pique are widely loved by girls, mothers, babies, and even boys! Why don't y…


Apple Store Shibuya

Apple Store locates on Kouen-douri, Shibuya. The store is crowded with people to try the newest technology. Why don't you browse your new Apple buddy, or pur…


Apple Store Omotesando

Apple Store Omotesando is the most significant Apple Store in Japan. It is located Omotesando street, and has 230 devices connected to internet! Let's browse…



Office to Picnic. Wear Index to anywhere! Index has variety of items which include seasonal trend from simple to highly designed items. Not too expensive, no…


E-hyphen World Gallery

A lot of girls and young adults purchase items from E hypen to have “coolness” and “sweetness” by their fashion. The collaborated items are especially popul…


Avan Lily

Avan Lily was produced by Yukina Kinoshita, the famous model of Japan. You can feel her motherhood from this brand, Avan Lily, and that is the key of its pop…