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Soshigaya Onsen 21

Soshgaya Onsen 21 houses five different types of baths, along with three different types of saunas. Apart from the standard bath, you can enjoy white-water b…


Tsukimiyu Onsen

Tsukimiyu Onsen is a natural hot spring, perfect for relieving stress and exhaustion, and also for beauty, as the water is rich with minerals. Treat yourself…


Tennen Onsen Nuland Sagamiyu

The black-water onsen is known to boost blood circulation and is said to be not only effective for neuralgia and joint pain, but also for injuries and chroni…


Kamata Onsen

Founded in 1937, Kamata Onsen embodies the essence of “Showa retro”. Once you see the large red sign at the entrance of the shopping street, you know you’re …


Azabu Kokubisui Onsen Take no Yu

Established in 1913 as a “radium hot spring”, Take no Yu is well known as an “Azabu kokubisui hot spring”, which literally translates to “Azabu black water o…


Hisamatsu Onsen

Established in 1955, Hisamatsu Onsen still retains the atmosphere of a bathhouse in the Showa-era.The black-water onsen, drawn from 200 meters underground, i…


Takaido Tennen Onsen Utsukushi no Yu

Utsukushi no Yu at Takaido, Suginami-ku is a hot spring facility drawn from 1600 meters underground. Freshen up with a hot bath at this facility surrounded b…


Toshimaen Niwa no Yu

At Toshimaen Niwa no Yu, you can enjoy a tranquil bath while overlooking the Japanese Garden. This natural hot spring, abundant with minerals, is drawn from …


Spa LaQua – Tokyo Dome Natural Hot Spring

From an amusement park to a shopping mall, restaurants, and a fitness area, Tokyo Dome City LaQua has it all. And this natural hot spring facility is one of …


Rokuryu Kousen

Right near the Ueno Park, Rokuryu Kousen is a traditional and old-fashioned Onsen/Sento facility. Despite the copious amount of hot spring facilities in Toky…